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I opened a .sdlxliff in Studio (after translating it in CT) and upon re-opening in CT, all my notes are gone + segment statuses reset :-(

Hi Igor,

I'm translating three .sdlxliff files. 

I finished one of them, and so opened it in Studio, fiddled around with it a bit and saved it, and then sent it to the client. 

Stupidly, I worked on the file that CT was using (instead of working on a copy). After I reopened my "project" in CT, all of my segments (in all three of the .sdlxliff files) had been set back to Unchecked (!!!). Also, all of my notes have now disappeared (!!!).


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Sdlxiff files have a different comment format so CT notes, that follow xliff specification, are not saved in sdlxliff files. I plan to look into the conversion of xliff notes into sdlxiff comments in the future. However, the checked status should already be converted. Maybe, you Studio reset it when you 'fiddled' with it? 


Aha, yeah, forgot about those different notes.

Yeah, I probably did something stupid in Studio.

Just a side note, but may I curse (in a very friendly and businesslike manner of course) every single project manager – both in the past, present, and future – who was/is/will be so evil as to insist that "their" translators use this stupid, stupid, stupid CAT tool. God, how I hate SDL Studio (and memoQ, for that matter), and how they make our lives so damned complicated. OK, rant over. Back to work. ;-)

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 Yes, lots of software vendors do their best to lock you in their product. This is not so evil in itself but I believe the choice of the tool should not come forced from outside.

Seconded. If you work with mqxliff files - where the comment feature works both in CT and memoQ like a charm* - it is horrifying t o lose about 20 comments only because you interrupted the project. 

* except "force deletion of comments", not yet implemented, I assume?

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