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CafeTran Espresso Changelog (markdown syntax)


I am sharing a markdown CafeTran Espresso's changelog that lists the changes introduced by each update and new build. It starts from CafeTran Espresso 2016 Ichiro - Update 26, but older versions can also be included.!/files/fwvuQiSTsCyPLZQuSCTq

It can be exported in a number of formats and offers a Tables of Content to quickly sift through the updates.

The changelog gives Read and Write permissions to any logged in user (login through Google, I'm afraid). Markdown syntax is used.

Note: I have bolded some changes that were of more interested to me than others, if you prefer no bolding, I can remove it.


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Thanks for this initiative!

By the way, Jean, this morning I couldn't read the Changelog on my iPhone. Perhaps there is an iPhone friendly template availiablos?

I've just tried on Chrome and on Firefox for Android and the page loads correctly. If Safari does not open it on iOS, can you try with an alternative browser? Jean

Hi Jean,

Beat me to it! I was planning to revive my old CT ChangeLog, well mine and Hans’s (attached!). However, I never have any free time these days, so maybe a better idea if you (or someone) integrate ours into yours. Sorry, that sounded almost rude ;-)

Ours ran from: 2013-07-01 > 2015-11-28

Different versions:

CafeTran Espresso - Harbinger (2015) 

CafeTran Espresso - Arwen (Released on March 2013):

CafeTran Espresso - Frodo (Released on February 2013):

CafeTran Espresso - Bilbo (Released on January 2013):

CafeTran Espresso - Hobbit (Released on December 2012):



PS: I only have Safari on my iPhone at the moment, and indeed, it does not work in Safari, with the following error: Can't connect to Indexed DB

PPS: would it be possible to add a scrollbar?

I have just integrated the old ChangeLog. Thank you very much Michael and Hans.

 I've also added the updates that were missing (from 2016 Ichiro -  20160119 to 2016 Ichiro - Update 26 - 20161118) and a date indication.

All updates from 2013-07-01 up to now should be included.

The online file is editable by anyone (alas, this means anyone logged in with a Google account), so hopefully it will be a collaborative effort.

In Preview mode, it seems misses the scrollbar, but the page is scrollable (middle mouse, finger scroll, etc.).  

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I created this shortcut, because I had troubles when referring to the direct URL:

Updated to CafeTran Espresso 2017 - Yeddi Update 20

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