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Segments that start with a tag

I'm currently translating a Transit project and noticed that many (if not most) segments start with a tag. No more further tags in the segments.

Perhaps I need a solution to insert that tag at first position?

Will it always be if the type <x0/>?


of the type

(typo ;)

As simple as:


BTW: If you want to have the tag inserted at the end of the segment, please replace \A with \Z (or is it \z?).

The macro could be enhanced, to insert a second tag (referring to a chapter number/reference) before a closing bracket, when it's proceeded by a space:


In most cases CafeTran will auto-assemble the translation already correctly or insert a match. Often, the only user interaction that's needed is the insertion of tags.

This one was easy too:


I'll have to change the name of the macro from Insert tag at first position to something like Guess tags.

Hmm, I could even let the macro do the guessing for O2, CO2, H2O and all these other frequent subscripts where CafeTran does a bad job inserting the tags.

Probably it's more generic to let the macro search for the reference (zie par.) in the target:


I am so happy with this macro to insert a tag at first position in the target segment. Using it all the time and saving lots of key strokes.

That I can than use to write enthusiastic stories like these.

Appreciated by nearly everyone.

Duh, I now have a SDLXLIFF project where the first tag isn't:




(So I'll quickly change the macro for this project)

Why would this be?

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