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Hey Michael, now your back at CafeTran (and noticing that you've forgotten a lot of knowledge because of your constant CAT hopping ;)) please allow me one short question:

How about CafeTran and Dictation?

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Okay, here, in a nutshell, is what I think of dictation in CT.

The new "bind editor" feature is interesting, but after having played it with it for a while I soon realized that I don’t want the interface to get anymore complex than it already is, and there are a bunch of things that you can no longer do if dictating in an external editor. For example, you can no longer select certain words and perform actions on the selections, etc.

As in most other programs (except for the tiny list that Dragon is actually compatible with, such as MS Word, Notepad, .… Déjà Vu, etc.), dictating in CT produces a number of small bugs. For example, just like dictating in Chrome or Firefox, the first letter of sentences are sometimes not capitalized automatically, or particular letters are duplicated. This isn’t a big tragedy though, even though it is annoying.

Anyway, so I don’t use the new "bind editor" feature, and just dictate normally, in the target box.

Everything works pretty well except for the fact that there is no Select-and-Say (a.k.a. Full Text Control), meaning, you cannot say something, and then select (and act on) words while dictating.  

So, in conclusion, although the new “bind editor” feature is interesting, if I were Igor, and I was going to dedicate more development time on dictation in CT, I would probably ignore the bind editor feature for the moment, and put all of my energy into figuring out how to support Dragon Full Text Control in CT (like Déjà Vu X3). As I’ve mentioned elsewhere already, this would entail fiddling around with and/or perhaps even changing something to do with the underlying text input "programming stuff" .

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Thank you Michael. Would it perhaps be possible that you translate 3 sentences in Déjà Vu and in CafeTran and record this, to demonstrate the missing commands?

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I know that you have more important things to do, pal, but I'd be really interested in the status quo. Also, to be able to tell interested trainees what the current situation in Dictator's Land is.

 in a nutshell

Thanks, this description of differences is pretty clear.

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I'm more the visual type.

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