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Glossary pane freezing (the latest build)

 Glossary matches are properly displayed on both the Matchboard and the F2 list, but the relevant glossary panes are frozen (i.e., not refreshed to show those matches).

This does not happen at all times: in the attached sample (memoQ's xlf as the source document), it occurs from Segment #219 or so.

(129 KB)

It looks like the issue is not occurring from #225 and forward.

I can't confirm it. Segments from #219 to #225 display a few terms both in the glossary tab and the Matchboard. Perhaps, these are the same terms displayed for consecutive segments giving the impression of the pane not being refreshed?

I confirmed everything is okay on another computer. Hmmm ... I will check further. Anyway, thank for sparing your time on this.


Removing and reinstalling CT seems to have solved this issue.


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