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Is there any way to search multiple Total Recall tables?

It's great that we can Recall stuff from all tables simultaneously (via Total Recall > Recall memory > Memory table > All tables), but it would be equally useful if there were also a way to search all tables simultaneously. Without any way to search all tables simultaneously, the user is forced to use only a single table, rather than split things up into various sub tables, according to clients, subjects, etc.

I am still just playing around, trying to figure out the best way to use TR, but it currently looks like I will have to create one big table, and differentiate the data using Client, Subject, etc. fields in my TMXs.

What is your recommended workflow here, Igor?


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search all tables simultaneously 

When you open a number of Total Recall tables via the Total Recall menu, you can search them all at the same time via TR source or TR target buttons in the Search bar above the Search box.

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