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Q: How to keep Total Recall TMs (looking for Best Practice)

Let's assume you are regularly working with your Total Recall feature (kind of Big Mama approach) and some not too small projects (> 10 k words).

  • You need to run TR every time when opening the project. This is rather time-consuming.
  • You can save the recalled TM, but in the end this is only a project-specific TM. If you save it somewhere on your HD, the file dialogue will be distracted when you try to open another (regular) TM. Or you "pollute" the directory where you save your "regular" TMs  (and eventually the dashboard list) with files (entries) you will hardly ever use again.

What can you do?

  • Run TR every time when opening the project (annoying when doing small jobs in between, the so called "Hans-L.-Gedächtnisminute"). 
  • Save the TR TM elsewhere and hope that the standard TM folder feature will be coming, so that the dialogue box to open a TM always switches back (after restart) to a default path.
  • Save the TR TM with a prefix in the default TM folder and maintain this folder (and the dashboard) regularly. 
  • The last two practices mean that you need to search for and reopen the TR TM at least when reopening the project for the first time. 

What do the others think?

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