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REQ: Recall recalled memory and some TR stuff

Assuming that this issue will be resolved sooner or later, there are some workflow issues with the Total Recall feature, especially when the same project is being reused with another file.

  • You can select several TR tables to be recalled on the dashboard, but not when a project is open (at least not to integrate them into one TM).
  • When another file is loaded into the project, there should be a feature/button to recall exactly the same memories (being recalled before) again (actually this only works with one TR table and some cumbersome clickediclick, but not at all if several TR tables had been selected – or is it too strange to recall several tables?).
  • sometimes the TR-TM gives a wrong result. I can delete this segment from the opened TR-TM, but not from the TR table itself (let's say a kind of drilldown operation – is this possible?). I can (i) open the concerning underlying base TM directly in the background and delete the segment there or (ii) mark it somewhere on my desk to delete it later (but in both cases I need to reimport the TM into TR). Another idea would be the flagging and latter handling of these wrong segments, but as not TM editor supports this feature (I suppose), this handling/editing would have to happen inside CT.

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