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REQ: Export as XLF (document folders etc.)

I am missing (again) one important feature – Export as XLF – for the following use cases:

  • Translating documents folder: If I see it correctly, there is always one xlf file for all. That's really fine for performance reasons, but if I want to export the single files as XLF, there is no CT-internal solution (is there?). To work on a folder with 20 files and then reuse the TM to create 20 projects, just to get 20 xlf files is no solution.
  • Reuse the same project for other file(s): I do not think it is too artificial to imagine a client that asks continuously for smaller files to be translated. If this client wants to have xlf files (and TMX is no viable solution for the client), I need to create a new project instead of reuse an older project folder of the same client. I am unsure whether deleting the elder project document does the trick, but this would only a workaround (and no solution for the first case).

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