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Firewall/Antivirus: window remains blank

I have installed CT on another Windows machine (for travel), but I cannot get the browser window todisplay anything and to get it licensed (no worries about the number of my licenses, this is because in the meantimes the Linux laptop has crashed including a cloud of smoke ...).

I have the Zone Alarm Firewall and Antivirus installed, and I know that I can get the browser window running (before the Linux laptop began to smoke, I installed Windows on it and had exactly the same issue resolved, but I do not remember how, but it was not to deactivate Zone Alarm). I did not check yet whether other browser windows work, but I assume they won't.

Does anyone perhaps know the name of the processes involved to get them more access rights and to pass the firewall?

Anyway, I will keep on trying, but perhaps someone has a hint. 

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