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REQ: Bilingual doc layout

Two tiny request for the bilingual doc (already submitted ages ago, but never repeated, maybe repetition produces truth or so):

  • colorless export (or export with less colors). I am one of these strange guys who – not always – prints out these docs to do a better proofing), and I do not want to waste my printer color for confirmed segments (and printing in greyscale makes the text even more illegible). A rather small green bar (or of any other color, depending on the status) would do the same trick. Similar feature would be: set color for confirmed segments in bilingual files, so this can be easily resolved on user level.
  • three columns, also for the first row. I like working with bilingual tables from DéjàVu, where it is really easy to select the columns and copy them (to do external translation) and to make a quick spell- and grammar check in Word. As CT does not always assign the right language, it would be much easier to have the 3 columns in the first table row, to select the corresponding row and assign the right language.

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Just to illustrate the problem:

  • the left column is not excluded from checking (in formats of other tools it is)
  • the right column does not meet the needed language setting (should be forced, based on the project's settings)
  • to have the correct language setting you need to mark the whole right column (easy with three pages, can become a nightmare with 20 pages), could be easier if the first row was splitted into the same number of columns
  • the right column needs to remain marked, to avoid a check of the left column, any correction by hand during the spell check makes this stop and you need to mark the right column again
  • not suitable for printing – even if I do not care about the lots of ink (it's eco-unfriendly) – it is harder to read than black on white
  • because of this it is not suitable as direct giveaway to clients (many direct clients or clients with idml files enjoy this kind of file)

Yes, there are workarounds for most of these problems, but maybe it is the right time to address these points.


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