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Q: Auto-completion – what exactly is inside?

From time to time, I am a bit surprised about the choices auto-completion offers – and which not.

As far as I understand, AC shows/contains:

  • any word from matches/fuzzies/hits from TMs, but of course not all words from the TM
  • any match from glossaries 
  • any word from the MT panes for the specific segment
  • any word typed in this segment
Sometimes I observe
  • matches from glossaries containing more than one word are not always shown
  • AC keeps showing up a "typical" term not present in the glossary, but after reopening the (huge) project it is not shown any more (indeed, this is a case of "this should have been put into the glossary before")
  • same when reusing a TM and a term is regularly in the fuzzies, the term is not being shown
  • AC sometimes, not always keeps guessing, e.g. "welding system" is being shown after three characters and turns to "welding machine", moving down or sometimes even discarding "welding system" until the second word is typed
So my comment/question:
  • A solutions article explaining the rough functioning (= contents of AC, not the algorithm, of course) would be nice
  • Any chance of getting some more screws than "start with" and "word length" to turn for the stupid end users?

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