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They are trying to drive me crazy.

Should I enter this in the glossary too ;).

Yep, I already did.


Why not simply use Regex?

The Lenting: early adopter, open minded, technology friendly

As compared to me, you are a very late adopter of:

  • Mac
  • CafeTran
  • Regexes
  • Automation
  • Keyboard Maestro
  • and so on, and so forth
As far as your open-mind is concerned, if you don't have any brains, you cannot possibly be open-minded. Let alone be technology friendly.


Thank you

Anytime. And more often.


> ...that you are well and not having mental problems.

I actually am very well, and I don't have any of the problems you obviously are confronted with.

May I remind you that you first mentioned me here without any reason? You removed the entry, but that only shows how low you can go.


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Perhaps it's a good idea that you moderate your postings from time to time?

Like you delete them, from time to time? When it suits you? And then attack me? I'm different. I stand for what I say.


Hi guys,

I have nothing against fiery arguments and exchanges and I don't like moderation in general, but if they reach a level of of being vulgar having nothing to do with the topic, I have no choice but to moderate. Please don't forget that is a public forum!

IK: ...but if they reach a level of of being vulgar

I see. Provoking entries, deleting them, lies, heavy farting, and utmost stupidity are allowed here. "Vulgarity" as a reaction to the aforementioned isn't.


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