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Word order and tags

I'm having a problem with tags in CafeTran because of word order differences between the source and target languages. For example, my word-for-word original with tags says:

"1/On the basis of the participation contract will to the student be paid 2/financial support."

And I need it to say:

"1/The student will receive 2/financial supportx/ based on the participation contract."

I put the x/ in to indicate where I need a closing tag to turn the formatting off—but there isn't one. Is there a way around this? Otherwise, I'm going to have to go through and manually correct a whole raft of sentences that are bolded and underlined all the way to the end. 


Either use numbered tags where possible and letter tags for bold etc where needed. Or use letter tags only. Works only in MS Office/LibreOffice.

Thanks, but I don't really get what you're saying. What I was hoping for was a new tag, or the equivalent, to turn off the formatting function. What I was not seeing is the obvious workaround: use letter tags for formatting and then just dump all the number tags automatically at the end of the segment. It would be more intuitive, though, if CafeTran consistently added closing tags even if the segment in question is at the end of the unit. Thanks for your help.

Try switching off:

Action > Tags > Hide segment boundary tags (I think this is the one you'll probably want)

Action > Tags > Merge adjacent tags

This will allow you to actually see the other tag, and thus edit things properly. A keyboard shortcut to temporarily show ALL tags for in situations like this would be nice.

then just dump all the number tags automatically at the end of the segment

Just activate Action > Tags > Automatic transfer of formatting tags.

Thanks, Michael, but I don't have either of those options switched on. There just simply seems to be no closing tag when the formatting applies to the last word in the sentence.

Yes, Igor, that's what I meant by 'dump all the number tags automatically'. That certainly speeds things up, and it's easy enough to work with that way once you figure out the logic. But I didn't initially think about the crossover functionality that was available there.

The other formatting option via right-click and insertion of custom tags should be used when it is necessary. Otherwise, the transfer of formatting from the source is preferable as CafeTran is able to surround the matched target fragments and terms (in your TMs and glossaries) with those letter tags automatically. 

Okay, thanks Igor. I'll have to take a look at what custom tags are, I don't know a thing about them.

>I'll have to take a look at what custom tags are, I don't know a thing about them.

Custom tags are the formatting you add to the target when the source does not need or have any. It could be italics, bold, superscript. You add the tags by a right-click on a highlighted letter or word. You'll see all the options when you right-click.

Thanks for the help, Julie.

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