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2 extra useful QAs

Now that we have the feature to sort the project segments by length of source (not by length of target), I'd like to ask here in the group:

Am I the only one who would welcome these two extra QA checks?

  • QA for identical targets with different sources (fuzzy)
  • QA for identical sources with different targets (fuzzy)
These useful checks are offered by Verifika, but it'd be great if CafeTran could handle them itself.

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Yes please!!

I also noticed the other day that auto-propagation doesn't always work, because often there will be a tiny little difference between two segments, just stupid stuff, like an extra space or a tag. yyou also won't notice them, unless you happen to remember that there was an identical sentence further up in the text.

I would actually like to take Hans's suggestion and extend its application, and form a new feature. I call it :

"Fuzzy auto-propagation (with notification/manual review)"

It would work like this:

Instead of NOT auto-propagating back up and/or down the project from the current segment if there is a slight difference (extra space, tag, etc.), CT would fuzzy auto-propagate, but mark each segment somehow for subsequent manual review.

What do you think?


These are pretty standard QA checks, so YES PLEASE




The fuzziness should also cover differences in Studio tags.

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