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After having read the comments a former software developer makes about Baccs, the new item in the Proz Plus basket, I wonder what she could do for CafeTran.

This is her profile:

Sorry for the typo in the Subject line. It was still too early this morning.

This is the comment, I suppose.

The coffee cup on the BaccS seems to follow a trend that CT has set. 

Yes, Torsten, that's the comment. Didn't know how to insert a direct link to the specific reply. 

Haven't had a look at BaccS, so I don't know to which cup of coffee you are referring ;).

Okay, I see. But I'm right-handed, so I'd need another cup of coffee. Not my cup of coffee ;).

Or in other words: Only platform independent coffee is really progressive coffee.

My thoughts exactly. I'm very happy with my Mac. Finished a big problem today and had to do the layout in Word for Mac:


It uses the high-end Mac very well. Superbe performance. I was impressed.

>Finished a big problem today

big project. oops

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