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Send entire project to TM, overwriting any potentially incorrect TUs (at end of project)?

OK, in DVX3, when I finish a project, at the very end, I always run:

Project > Add to Translation Memory: Send project to Translation Memory


What does this do? Sometimes, you might have edited a particular segment, but forgotten to send it to your Project TM, thus overwriting the previous (no longer correct) version. This deletes all segment pairs you previously sent to your Project TM, and then resends the current, final version of them all, so you know for sure your TM will contain the final version of all segments.

Is there a way to do something similar in CT?


Memory > Import from Project, then: Task > Remove duplicates.

Yes Michael, I think you can achieve the same result in CT.

Open the tab of the Project TM and make sure it is set to Keep newer duplicates.

In Memory menu, select Import > Segments from project.

This is an important task indeed, one that I run regularly to make sure the TM is up to date. It has other uses too (For example: Create a new memory and import all segments, etc.).


re "create a new memory and import all segments", you can also use:

Project > Export and exchange > To TMX memory...


Thanks guys!


Right, I keep forgetting that one! Thanks Michael :-)

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