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RFE: "Display all subportions" (in DVX3 lingo) (feature to hide sub-matches in glossary pane)?

 Hi Igor,

My Glossary contains the following 4 entries:

(1) brood, gebak en koek = bread, pastry and cake
(2) brood = bread
(3) gebak = pastry
(4) koel = cake

My text says:

Brood, gebak en koek hebben samen een aandeel van 23% ...’

In DVX3, there is a switch ("Display all subportions"), which lets me choose whether I get shown all 4 entries in my glossary pane, or only the longest one (1). Since my glossaries generally contain all kinds of crap, I prefer to be shown only the longest matches, as this reduces visual clutter.

Is this already possible in CT? If not, can we have it?

Wdowiak: Is this already possible in CT?

The best/longest match will be inserted if you use "Insert AA," or shown in the AA panel.


Yeah, I know. I have the Matchboard set to show AA results, which is cool, but it would also be very useful to be able to reduce the amount of unneeded hits shown in my glossary panels. The little switch in DVX does this nicely.

What do you think Igor?


Checking it as an option for the next build...

Thanks a lot!!!!


Hi Igor, I have a bit of a strange request, perhaps, but it would be nice if

Edit > Preferences > Glossary > Display longest match only did not affect the terms shown in the F2 menu and the Match bar* . The same applies to selecting a term in the source pane, and then quickly pressing Shift. This too should be disconnected from ‘Display longest match only’.


That is, I would like ‘Display longest match only’ to act ONLY on the Matchboard and Glossary pane.


The reason I would like to do this is the only reason I want the feature is to save visual space on my screen, so it is great when it works in the Matchboard and Glossary pane., as it results in a less long list of matches.


However, an unwanted side effect of switching it ON, is that I now can no longer get to terms I know are in my resources, because they are being hidden from my fingers.

What do you think Igor?



* for those of you reading this who don't know what the match bar is. It's the row of letters/numbers in the Matchboard, and can be shown/hidden @ View > Toolbars > Hide match bar

The matches that appear in the Matchboard and the alphabetical Matchbar are all the same. They are just organized in a different way so you cannot hide some matches in the Matchbar and keep displaying them the Matchboard.

However, the latest build adds sorting by length to the Matchboard options. If you disable the Display longest match only’ option for the glossaries, the longest matches come first followed by the shorter ones in the Matchboard, which achieves what you wish for. 

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