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REQ: Skip segments with notes & force deletion of notes

Two points:

  • Wouldn't it be nice to stop at each segment note (to be set via the Skip command)? For me notes are in many cases used for questions I need to discuss with the clients, some terminology or concordance issues and all these things I do not resolve instantly (because not now, because in a view or filtered view etc. pp.). Until now there is the possibility to work around with the filter view "Segment notes". But this is sometimes cumbersome and time-consuming (lots of clicke-di-clicks and to remember in which kind of view I am). Indeed there are other projects where it does not make sense (because it is a file with dozens of external notes).
  • Sometimes I add a comment in a memoQ or Studio file, open the file on another machine (not necessarily in memoQ or Studio) and after reopening I am unable to delete the comment (only with memoQ or Studio). Wouldn't a command to force deletion (or a command to simply delete any comment) make sense?  

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I'd actually also really like a keyboard shortcut to delete notes.



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