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Changing fuzzies in propagated segments (reloaded)

We had this three months ago already. Since then, we have the auto-propagate only forward feature (thanks) to alleviate the problem. I had thought this must have been due to the tags, but now I stumbled upon some very simple segments where the same thing happens.

This is the final result, realized with the auto-propagate only forward feature:


This happens when segment 1 is confirmed (look at segment 3 and 6):


This happens when segments 3 is confirmed (look at 4 and 5)


Thanks to my learning efforts I saw that I could use the auto-propagate only forward feature and that I can click on the exact match for the propagated segments in 3, 4, 5 and 6 to reenter the correctly displayed match. There are no tags inside these segments, and no other voodoo happening. And it does not matter if I set more blanks between the letters, numbers and the equal-signs (my very first idea for y workaround).

By the way, this is a nice use case for locked segments (though this behaviour should not occur).

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