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Love the Match Bar, but how do I insert stuff from it into my target segment?

I absolutely love the Match Bar, and also the expandable, alphabetical list of terms when pressing F2, but how can I insert stuff from it into my target box, preferably using only my keyboard? I've tried everything, but I can't seem to get anything to be transferred to my target text.


When the list appears, click at the item or choose the item's number on the keyboard.


type the first letter of your term followed by double-shift to trigger the shorter list of terms starting with that letter.


Hmm, none of these seem to be working for me.

For example, when I double-shift, the preceding word in the target box is selected. ???

I switched off all AutoHotkey scripts, just in case they were interfering.

When the list appears, clicking at the item or choosing the item's number on my keyboard has no effect whatsoever.


The Matchboard and Matchbar have been for quite a long time now with no such issues reported as you describe. Perhaps, some settings from CafeTran's old version interfere.  Make sure you are using the latest update 15 and try to reset via Edit > Preferences > the Reset button.

Thanks! Resetting CT did the trick! It all works great now!


Great! By the way, I remember you are pretty much into dictation so you might be interested in binding CT with the external editor that works with Dragon software. Please check here. Jarte seems to be a promising solution. Such a binding should enable to dictate form the external editor only where needed while keeping CafeTran's editor functionality. 

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Yes, I am definitely going to try that. However, I have a feeling the disadvantages of working in a separate segment editor will probably outweigh any benfits. I'll test it though and report back!


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