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REQ: Matchboard column width

Would it be possible to pull the columns of the Matchboard (preferably only the right one) to the desired width?


The segment match in blue makes the right column of the whole matchboard quite wide. Maybe the whole text display can be replaced by truncation in combination with a kind of hover technique. Also there could be something shorter than "Exact" (or Exact can be set smaller). A hook perhaps? A separate font of its own only for the MB could also be welcome.

There might be some room for improvement.

Right click at the Matchboard and choose "Shorten match information".

Uh, great. I did a search before, as I was sure this had already been addressed (and there is even no "matchboard" in the Solutions section either, though it is pretty self-explanatory).

Just two points

  • This does not alter the display in the matchbar (should it?).
  • All the hits above are now shortened to EN. There is no way to know the exact source now, even not hovering. And for (un-)shortening the column I need to restart CT. And searching a term in the matchboard grid view in the matchbar, just to identify its source, appears a bit silly to me 

The first point is the answer to your second point. When the shortened information display is too short for you, you can see the full info in the Matchbar. If you need to refer to that meta info very often, there is no point in changing the default display option (the full info).

 I need to restart CT

No need to restart. Just move on to the next segment to refresh the view.


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