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Translating DOCX with embedded Excel tables

Sometimes you receive MS Word documents (DOCX) with part tables (etc.) that are actually embedded Excel worksheets.

Here are the steps*) to translate these documents with all embedded tables:

  • First, translate the DOCX normally in CafeTran.
  • Export the translated document.
  • Add .zip to the name.
  • Open the ZIP file (e.g. with a file commander, like CRAX Commander).
  • Search for a subfolder called embeddings.
  • Copy the content of this folder (all XLSX files) to a new project folder.
  • Open all XLSX files in Excel and save them (this step seems to be necessary, to prevent error messages when importing and glueing the files in CafeTran).
  • Open the XLSX files in CafeTran, translate and export them.
  • Copy the translated XLSX files to the subfolder embeddings in the ZIP folder.
  • Remove the extension .zip from the MS Word document.
  • Open the Word document, click on each and every table to activate the edit mode for embedded objects. Close the object to update the table in Word (very well possible that this can be achieved via a macro).
*) This has been tested with the newest version of MS Office on Mac.

It'd be nice if CafeTran would give a warning at the end of the project creation, when it detects translatable content in the embeddings subfolder. As a first step to seamless handling of embedded content, so to say. At the end, this content has to be integrated in the project analysis too. All this as a mental note so self.

I noticed that the English Excel tables had ... German file names, while my exported Dutch ones had English file names. Just to be sure, I changed them after export from CafeTran:


I used the Multi-rename function in Crax.

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