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How to check for source and target language? (automation)

For different combinations of source and target language I have to use different macros (Keyboard Maestro).

Can anyone come up with a way to check for the active source and target language in the current project?

I am unsure if I understood correctly, but I assume KMS shall discover what language pair you use to do combination-specific shortcuts (any examples for this?).

In the end this would be (for native file projects):

- open project folder (if this variable can be determined)

- look for any XLF file (should be only one) and search in XLF file for preset string, e.g. source-language="fr-FR" target-language="de-DE"

- determine language pair XY 

In the similar way, other non-native projects should be able to be determined.

Thanks. That sounds interesting.

Point 1 and 2 above could be something like "Look in folder "/home/user/Desktop" and all of its subfolders for the last modified file with the extension xlf (or sdlxliff or mqxliff, in case of Studio or memoQ)".

Just curious: What kind of language-specific macros are these?

The macros react differently with regards to changing the case of terminology to be added to the active project glossary. Also, the specific glossary is language dependent. I have some other ideas and I'll start testing as soon as I have a minute. Quite overwhelmed with work, these days.

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