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Templates and displayed TMs

I noticed one thing:

When changing the template the displayed TMs and also their order is being changed. Same for the glossaries (they are all displayed anyway, they are not so many in this case).

I suppose that this is because the template saves the actual display of the TMs when it is saved. But it means that TMs are not showing up though they were just used, including for the same language pair. And it means much more clicks to (re-)open the concerned TM.

Could there be 

  • a kind of standard TM folder, to make things easier?
  • a kind of transparent TM view, so that always the last used TMs are displayed, no matter whether I select a template or not?
  • a kind of (optional) filter that only corresponding TMs for this language pair of the template are displayed (notabene: I think this is not easy to implement)?

This is the very purpose of the templates to revert the resources availability to some desired state. Instead of over-complicating the feature, you can simply create another template for any Dashboard state you wish.

I can understand this, but it means basically that you need to re-save your template with any new (or newly opened) TM and/or TB, to avoid that it is omitted when you reuse the template. 

Isn't this also over-complicating the feature?


I use the template feature basically to have the right glossaries, web resources and/or Total Recall memories ticked. 

The first feature mentioned above ("a kind of standard TM folder") would alleviate this issue, as

  • it would take only two clicks to open the last used TMs
  • also in other situations you will not be deviated from opening your standard path after opening an external resource (CT saves the last used path)

I guess most users have more or less a set number of TMs added to the Dashboard. Then, the template just activates the ones needed for the current project.

Well, I don't think I am an exception, and I have about 120 TMs in the last 2 years, from which about 50 have been used in 2017 (including sometimes several TMs for one client, concerning different fields or end clients, just in case, and not counting TMs outside CT). Of course they all do not fit onto the dashboard.

Re-saving the template with any new TM or any newly opened TM (that is actually not on the Dashboard) or to keep this or these TMs on top of the list is a bit of cumbersome.

 I have about 120 TMs

Have you considered using Total Recall tables for them, possibly grouping as well? Then, it would have the same effect as the separate TM folder you are suggesting.

Hm, I will take this into account. The dashboard now shows up 31 TMs and the Project memory. Even when being quite economic, this is sufficient for one or perhaps – with a bit of luck – two dozens clients. 

The Total Recall tables (not the memories) have the disadvantage of not storing the tags (do they?).

Maybe I was not clear, It is not about a TM folder, but a custom TM path, that always opens when the Open TM symbol is clicked. This path can be changed during a session (e.g. to fetch TMs from another path), but it is reversed to when CT is closed and opened again.

E.g. standard TM path is /home/user/TM. When in the course of the preparation another external TM is being opened at /home/user/project/201 client xy/, the next TM dialog box will open again under /home/user/project/201 client xy/, but after closing and opening CT the standard TM path will be opened first.


I tried to do some workarounds, but until now they do not work well ... In the end, it is about changing the above.-mentioned desired state, and I think I am not the only CT user with more than one language to translate from.

Example: The TM pane shows

EN Client A

EN Client B

FR Client C

EN Client D

Now there is client E that gets a translation from EN. So I click on New and enter "EN Client E". When I save the template now, "EN Client E" will be ticked. If I untick it and save the template, the TM remains always at the (non visible) bottom of the list (and no chance to get rid of the non-EN TMs in the list). The "best" solution is to work on the project, close the project or CT, hope that the TM shows up at the top (unfortunately CT is rather erratic in this) and then to save the template. Not quite convincing.

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