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UI glitch?

Usually the top bar over the grid has these 4 white arrows on the right side.

I do not know how it happened, but in my last project they disappeared. Only the button "Finalize" and the blue progress bars

  • Pull grid width to the right: no change
  • Close project and reopen project: no change
  • Close CT and reopen CT and project: no change
  • Close CT, open another project (arrows are back again) and reopen the project above: white arrows are back again.
Is there any way to deliberately make these arrows disappear?

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>I do not know how it happened, but in my last project they disappeared.

Right. I noticed this on Friday too! Thanks for mentioning it here.

Hi Torsten,

If your project has a few segments only, those navigation arrows are not needed. CafeTran removes them to keep UI as clear as possible. That's a feature. not a glitch.

The project had 24 segments and about 400 words, and the grid did not cover the whole text, of course. The strange thing is that they were there at the beginning and that they came back, indeed. 

Your project has only 24 segments (less than 50-segment page) so paging arrows are superfluous.  

But indeed they are shown:


They do have sense in my humble opinion as they can be used to go to the beginning and to the end (okay, scrolling up and down does the same trick, but it is a kind of habitude from longer projects).

Sure, I would agree to make the arrows disappear for any segment number lower than x (where x is the user defined value of a page).  But the issue is that they disappeared and were there again after some doing around.

some doing around.

You may have switched to a longer project.

Okay. Does the following describe i correctly?

Starting CT and a long project.

=> Arrows are there.

Closing project and starting a short project.

=> Arrows are there.

Starting CT and a short project.

=> Arrows are not there.

Closing project and starting a long project.

=> Arrows are there (I hope and I assume).

Yes, the above is true. Once they are there, they are not removed as it does not affect anything in CT functionality. I might add the removal of the paging arrows when you switch from the long project to the short one in the future.

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