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Glossary (TM) property: Use for MT improvement

Would it be possible to limit the use of glossaries/TMs for improvement of the MT result? So that only specific glossaries/TMs (very short ones, actually) are being used to improve the MT result.

E.g. Google Translate does a fine job, but it always translates specific words (like the quite frequent 'operator') wrong.

I don't want to spoil Google Translate's good results with my glossary in statu nascendi -- but I do want to have the 'operator' translated correctly (with 'operator' instead of 'exploitant').

Thank you Sir!

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> CT seems to use the auto-assembled output for MT, even for the resources where I've checked "Keep out of auto-assembling".

Make sure you that use some recent update of CafeTran. It would also help if you attached some screenshot to visualize the issue.

I've been playing with the settings for this to try to get some more useful output.

My main problem may be that stem-based hits in my Glossary are not used for auto-assembly, only Exact matches.



Compared to


What's the benefit to keeping stem-based hits out of auto-assembly?

Here is an example where resources excluded from auto-assembly are getting into the MT output.

Incorrect fragment in resource;


"Keep out of auto-assembling" selected

Translation of a typical phrase in contract:


Not the best hit in the MT!

The MT is correctly using the "general TB", but the "that" at the end of the sentence can only be from the above fragment.

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