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When auto-propagation is manually unchecked (overridden) for a specific segment, would it make sense to provide a graphical indication that the auto-propagation is off for this and the following  repeated segments?

I recently worked on a long series of data sheets, and had to use this feature in quite a few instances, while retaining the advantage of auto-propagation to the majority of repetitions. I missed a way of easily telling (without relying on my memory) that I was looking at a repeated segment where auto-propagation had been turned off. I suggest that this is added in the segments grid, where match percentages (and P symbol for propagated segments) are displayed.

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You should see a red mark for segments with Auto-propagation off in the latest build.

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Thank you Igor!

nP mark for no propagation:



I'm not sure whether it is pertinent, but... would it be possible to turn auto propagation on/off with a button? Perhaps I don't use the right workaround, but when I don't want a translation to be propagated I go to Edit-Preferences and turn it off for the one specific segment, translate, go to next segment, then go to Edit-Preferences and turn it on again. It happens quite often with segments like German: "Inklusive:", where the translation into Italian can be "incluso, inclusi, inclusa, incluse", depending on the included object :-) In this case the translation cannot be propagated...


Hi Elisabetta,

To turn off the auto-propagation of the current segment, just right-click at the source segment and uncheck Autopropagation item in the pop-up menu  - the feature is available in recent CafeTran Espresso 2017 Yeddi updates.

WOW, great!


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