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Choice of matches


This is not exactly a problem :-) I’ve got a question about matches, please see the attachment: why does CT prefer and propose the first option (“polo”), even if it considers both a 53% match, and, above all, when the second option is clearly a 100% match, the difference being only a hyphen? How can I avoid this behavior?

Thanks a lot in advance!

(119 KB)

Searching in the TM I've found all possible versions: separated without hyphen and unseparated with hyphen :-) But the new version (separated with hyphens) wasn't recognized...


(24.6 KB)

Hi Elisabetta,

In the above, the word with a hyphen will not be matched to the same word without a hyphen unless you add a hyphen character to the "Do not match" list in Edit > Preferences > Memory tab.

Thank you! I'll try it :-)


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