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Still freezing on Mac because of web resources

People still experience freezes on their Mac when they have a web resource active. Even when they don't query it.

Like Linguee

BTW: Is Linguee preloaded? If so, some language setting would be useful.

The freeze may be caused by Javascript in some web resources. CafeTran provides the solution to deactivate Javascript.  For custom web resources, users can block Javascript as they add the web resource (available in one of the recent Yeddi updates).

Since this Linguee resource obviously is pre-installed, you might want to include an updated version in the next update: it's not possible to set the existing web resource definition for Linguee to ignore Javascript.

You can only do so when you create a new resource:


The pre-installed Linguee resource definition:


Please also note that the web resource should be language specific. Perhaps you want to add some more? Not sure, how to solve this. The elegant way would obviously be to make the resource def adaptive to the project languages. E.g. for de-DE <> nl-NL to:ändisch

I'm experiencing similar problems, even after I finally get to open a web resource after 10 min of the pending spinning circle, when I try to search something it's back to the spinning circle again. Can't make it work no matter if Java Script is blocked or not. Is there any idea how to fix it?

Which web resource is causing it - is it Linguee? If you set JavaScript blocking for Linguee, please close its tab and open the resource again after the change in Resources > Edit resource info.

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