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 What I'm still missing is a feature as per topic. Filtering by Untranslated segments is no help when you have a split sentence and you find yourself with a part of the sentence translated and the other part not because only the untranslated part is shown. Meaning that I have to switch to All segments in order to see the whole sentence.

Are you requesting this because of Studio projects?

Not at all. This is a very longish Excel sheet where text in cells is split over two/three or more cells.

Okay, and assuming that you created the CafeTran project from the Excel file yourself: doesn't Action > Skip > Translated Segments to the trick for you?


This action (with a shortcut) was added a few updates ago. Please update and see the menu.

This action allows you to add the current segment and go to the next untranslated one; however, you can delete that current segment from the TM afterwards if unnecessary.
Thanks for all the answers. I wasn't aware of these new features.


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