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Lower and Upper Case


I've noticed a problem regarding upper and lower case. Sometimes CT doesn't display correctly words written in upper case, sometimes it mixes the cases, like in the attachment, and sometimes it simply shows lower case where it should be upper case. As I sometimes get only a package from an agency, I don't always see the original and can't notice that it should be an upper case where I've used a lower case because it wasn't displayed. Have you noticed it, too?

Thanks and cheers,


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Hi Elisabetta,

I don't think it has ever been reported. You can submit a support ticket with your project attached, indicating the segment number to check it.


Firstly, are you sure it's not like that in the original?
I have lots of German clients who like to do strange things with the case as in your jpeg.

If not, one possible cause may be that the client is using all caps or small caps or some such in Word. In which case how it is displayed in word may not be reflected elsewhere
Just a thought.

Firstly, are you sure it's not like that in the original?

This seems to be the case indeed. I have checked Elisabetta's sample file and noticed, for example ProduktEIGENSCHAFTEN, in the source segment.

Hello Amos,
yes, I'm sure that the original had capital letters. I've sent Igor one example from a client SDL project, but also a native CT project. I'm not sure about small caps, but what I saw in the pptx I created in CT was VIENNA, instead CT displayed vienna. ;-)


In case of PPTX, the upper case may be forced by some tags (e.g. in the title) in that format, no matter how you type them. So the translation should maintain the same case even if you type it in the lower case. 

That would be great. And if it works with SDL projects, too, that would solve the problem :-)


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