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METAL look

So it looks like the METAL look is a good choice if you're running CafeTran on your MacBook Pro. Although I've never experienced any problems with overheating and fans running too loud on my hi-end MacBook Pro, I wanted to take a look at the theme. And here it is:


Just to understand things better, I'd like to ask: how can such a factor as a theme be relevant for overheating? Most likely, it's related to the graphics. Does my MacBook Pro have a dedicated chip and the others don't? Some light on this topic would be appreciated.

Perhaps it'd even be better to ship CafeTran.dmg with the METAL look as the default theme?

Metal on Win10 is not so bad, either, on my 15.4-inch 4K PC.



>Metal on Win10 is not so bad

I'm very happy for you. But that's not what I was asking: how can a theme have such a massive impact on processor heat and battery life time. That was my question.

With all my warmest feelings to you, Masato.


I might have been half asleep ;)

A large background image file (such as JPEG) might do bad things (depending on the size of RAM assigned), but at least in my environment, none of the default Look-Feel themes seems to be overloading the CPU.

Having an overheating problem?

Igor will know far better than I do, but the 'metal look' must hook into the OS less deeply than the native Mac look. It's actually not just 'metal'—I can use any theme other than the native Mac look with no problems. Perhaps there's something in whatever Java library is being used that gets the GPU overexcited. In trying to run down the problem, I explicitly tried removing the background image in favor of the default theme, and that made no difference, so it must be the actual program interface itself that's behind the issue. My Mac is an early 2015 13" model with no dedicated GPU, so you must have more graphics oomph on your high-end model.

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>Having an overheating problem?

Only when I'm running at high speed.

BTW marqjamesalex, you sound like you enjoy to use the power of macOS? Do you use Keyboard Maestro too, for CafeTran?

Yes, you know I really am enjoying the Mac. I've only had one for a little over a month, and I find the difference to be amazing. I've run Windows for years, and Linux for quite some time, as well. The way this machine is put together—and the OS— is fantastic. I could never go back. It's so nice to be able to count on everything working as it should with none of the (usually) little but vexing errors that are just a part of day-to-day life on Windows. Linux is good, too, but obviously a lot more "roll up your sleeves" in approach. The macOS is perfect—the unix command line is there if you need it, otherwise it's out of the way. It's really well thought-out.

I haven't tried Keyboard Maestro. At this point it might be overkill for me. The only thing I've been using is a  little utility called PopClip. It just shows a menu automatically whenever anything is selected, and allows me to open the dictionary or do a lookup on a website. I'm learning AppleScript just to have it available when the need arises, but so far it hasn't. 

This is my setup. OS X look makes it heat up like mad and it eats battery at a high rate. Metal look is perfect energy-wise, but I wish I could go back to OS X look one day! I too find it strange that "look" has such a big impact on energy.


That's my system exactly, too.

I've found a similar issue in Java bug system where it is said to have been fixed in Java 9 (release in July).

>You may want to try this:

Thanks for the tip, I may revert to this if Java 9 does not fix the issue or if I get tired of metal.

We've been working on a MBA the whole day now, without a cent of pain.

We've been working on a MBA the whole day now, without a cent of pain.

What Java version do you have?

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