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All projects fail to open!


Since yesterday all SDL packages which I regularly get from an agency fail to open, please see attachment, what's wrong? :-(

(9.42 KB)

Hi Elisabetta,

Did you change anything in your settings? If you use an older version of CafeTran, please update it here and try again. If the update does not work, reset the preferences via Edit > Preferences > the Reset button.


Hello Igor,

no, I haven't touched anything in the settings. I have Yeddi, and I updated now to the last version, but it doesn't help. I've done the reset, too, but no way, nothing new opens, all old packages open correctly, but the new ones do not. :-(


So it looks like your package provider may have changed something. Anyway, you can submit a ticket and attach an example package. Since there may not be a quick fix, I would recommend contacting your client and ask if they changed anything.

Yes, Igor, I've just asked. I'll send you a sample package now.



It turned out to be a folder permission issue in the operating system.

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Correct :-D


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