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Importing a bilungual document


Although I have been using cafetran for a while now I am still a newbie and I really don't know the tricks too well.

I had been experimenting using bilingual documents to review my translations. My last couple of attempts though the edited bilingual document would not import back into cafetran. The screen would kind of flash as if it updated, but none of the changes I made on the bilingual .docx file would show in cafetran after I imported it back into cafetran.

What I did was export bilingual document with notes, edit the document as a .docx file without making any changes to the source segment, then save the file and import it back into cafetran using the import bilingual document command. 

Is there anything else I have to do to be able to import back an edited bilingual document? Or is that not the function of that command? 

I did read online, but I couldn't find an explanation to my problem. I apologize in advance if there was a post about the same problem and if I failed to find it.

Thank you CafeTran community 

Hi Myle,

making any changes to the source segment

The bilingual review feature is for making changes in target segments. CafeTran ignores any changes in source segments.


I mean the target segments that I edit in the bilingual document did not appear in CafeTran once I imported it back although I didn't change source segments. I thought that the program would maybe get confused if I accidentally ended up changing something in the source segments.

But the changes in the translated segments I made never appeared in CafeTran after the import. 

Is it just a weird glitch?

Note the following:

1. Bilingual import/export feature works for projects created in CafeTran.

2. You need to export the bilingual document via Project > Export & exchange > Export bilingual document before reviewing and importing it back.

3. Make sure that MS Word does not change the format of the document (e.g. to the old .doc format).

I will try once again. That was the pathway I used to export it from CafeTran to word as a bilingual document. I will check once again tonight on a new project and see if it works.

Thank you, Igor. 

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