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Unilex and CafeTran

Okay, next step in automation: trying to query Unilex as a web resource in CafeTran. Wouldn't that be great? I've contacted support to ask them whether this is possible via API (hi Igor, how are you doing today?) or URL:



Acolada offers many hi-quality dictionaries via their Unilex web interface!

How about this for a prompt answer: 

Guten Tag Herr Lenting,


Bei einer Suchanfrage über die URL müssen Sie auch immer Benutzername und Passwort und dann das Suchwort angeben [...]

Wow, isn't this nice:


Unilex as a CafeTran web resource.

This just made my day.

Great stuff!


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They have an api for memoQ and Studio, which you perhaps can use for Déjà Vu:


Wir haben auf unserer Homepage Anleitungen für die Einbindung in SDL Studio und memoQ:

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