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REQ: Grey out "Read-only" checkbox when creating a new memory

This is indeed a percentage of the use cases of maybe only 5 %, but the dialogue box for TMs offers the possibility to set read-only (RO) for newly created TMs. This shouldn't be the case, should it?

  • when creating MT TMs for offline use (see my last answer here, this TM works like a charm in the RAM until closing CT)
  • when creating any new TMs and checking it erronously (this only happens once to rookies, I assume)

I do not think there should be an easier way to switch between RO and not-RO, this is fine as it is.

And: A grateful note in the concerned Solutions articles would be easier to realize.

You underestimate the intelligence of CafeTran users. If they choose read-only, they know it is read-only - and not the other way around. :)

Touché. :-)


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