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F-STAR-ing Across server projects

Let myself persuade to do a review project in crossWeb. Server cannot be reached.

Ich werde mich bei Ihnen melden, wenn wir das Problem behoben haben. Vermutlich müssen wir rebooten.

Na toll... 

CafeTran, fits on one stick, can be used everywhere, even on your Java washing machine.

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Same here, only I've had a look at this online Across and could not even understand where to type my translation in, a total chaos of colours, windows, highlighted, underlined words, segments, no idea. I told the client I could not work like this, she said no problem and just sent me a manual. 8000 words in 4 days and no idea where to begin with. I refused the project. Thank God - no! - thank Igor we have Cafetran! :-D


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