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Glossary function broken

 Strange. I am adding terms to the glossary and wondered why they do not appear.


This is what the corrsponding entry looks like:


There is simply no source term saved. No difference in typing Strg-Enter oder clicking the button right from the glossary.

No magic and no cell phone throwing involved.

Check the language-pair in the header of your glossary. The language pair of the glossary should correspond to project's language pair.

Gotcha, thanks.

Was quite obvious, this is FR-BE, while the glossary is FR-FR. I should have seen this.


Wouldn't it make sense to have (optionally?) a higher tolerance here? And doesn't the glossary function automatically insert a new column FR-BE (this would allow to insert the terms and later on to copy the terms to the FR-FR column)?

Higher tolerance can be achieved when the user simply removes the header from the glossary file. Then CafeTran treats the first column and the second column as the source and target language, respectively.

What a simple solution, great. Is there any inconvenience in doing so?


Yes, you cannot set the scope for source or target in Find/Replace. A more generic solution would be nice: taking only the language code and not the locale into account.
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