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Cache MT results on a per session basis | Option for translated segments


I have the impression MT API is queried every time one moves from one segment to another, if the MT engine is loaded and not set to "Stop Machine Translation".

If that is correct, and although there is always the possibility to select "Stop", I suggest to have the MT result cached within the same session, to avoid unnecessary queries.

Also, it could be usefuly to add an option in Preferences or per MT engine (context menu) to enable MT only for "untranslated" segments (i.e. empty segments).


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When I'm reviewing/QA-ing my project, there's no need that any segment is sent to any MT anymore.

@Hans, likewise and I close the MT tab when I'm reveiwing, but I also frequently hop back and forth when translating (to correct errors, revise terminology, merge segments, etc.). I agree with idim that it would be a big improvement if this was cached and MT was only queried when the source text was not in the cache. (Waiting for the MT is quite a brake on productivity for me - it should be much, much quicker to query the cache.) If that's not possible, only sending MT queries for empty segment would also be an improvement.


The feature is available starting from update 12 of the Yeddi release.

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