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Making the switch to CafeTran on Mac

Dear Cafe Tran users!

I just started making the switch from Trados Studio on Windows to CafeTran on Mac and, though my brain is still resisting the change, I feel like I'm finding my feet quickly and enjoying the new software. 

I'm working on the free version right now as a trial and I'm not using all of the functions yet and don't get all of the terminology either (Total Recall? what?) but I already have a few questions... please bear with me if these questions have been answered before:

1) Concordance:

It's not working. When I type something into the white box it seems to activate a filter and select a range of segments, but none of them contain the term I'm looking for. 

I've looked at previous answers on Concordance and they all the screen shots seem to have little buttons beside the white search box. I don't. Is something not set up right? (I've attached a screen shot).

2) Search/Find function:

It doesn't seem to work consistently. After many attempts I got it to work last night but now it won't again. Also, when it did work, I only had the option of "find and replace all". Is there no way to "Find and replace" but to go through each search result and accept/reject the change?

3) Matches/Fuzzies:

My file contains matches and they are auto-propagated. But there is no indication if they are exact matches, fuzzies matches, etc. Can this be activated so I see a percentage beside the segment? Or even better, so it shows me the bits that are different?

4) Translated segments:

Is there any function I can activate so translated segments get shaded a different colour? Or for a little symbol to appear? Sometimes I skip a segment and come back to it later and it's a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack 

Thanks in advance for your help!!


Ross: Total Recall? what?

Total Recall provides a way to reduce huge TMs. Since you're working with the "free" version, forget it for now.

  1. The search box will pop-up if you hit ⌘F (in the menu: Edit | Find). If you use the quick search box in the UI, you should click one of the coloured boxes on top, in this case probably TM source.
  2. Click Find
  3. Match percentages are shown in blue on top of the segment in the TMs, and to the right in the Matchboard
  4. You can mark them, e.g. with a note, but I think you're using Preliminary Matching. And I think you shouldn't. PM can be useful when you use large resources/TM, but you use the "free" version, so it's no use for you.

You can disable PM by changing the threshold in  | Preferences | Memory | Switch to preliminary matching threshold to a high value. I set it to 2,500,000. Like Total Recall, I think you should only use it when you have huge TMs or other resources. His Igorness disagrees with me, but then again, he's only the developer and brilliant...


Moi:  in this case probably TM source

Your screenshot doesn't show any TM, not even the Project TM. Hmmmm.


Ross, TMs are at the core of CafeTran, of any CAT tool actually. And since you used Trados before, you should have them, and use them in CafeTran. It now looks like you only use MTs (too many of them at that), and that makes any CAT tool useless: You may as well load the document you need to translate in one of those MTs.

CafeTran can convert Trados SDLTM memories to TMX. You can also save the current project (looks like you finished it) as a TMX memory. Until you start using TMs, you can more or less forget what I wrote above.

For more on TMs and things, see herehere, and here.


If you are living in Belgium, you are invited to visit me in Tilburg, where I can give you a free training regarding the basics.

Hi again,

H, thanks for all of your advice. You're right, in my question for TM settings I opened too many MTs. I'm still trying different (new) functions out and trying to locate functions I know from other tools. Hopefully, once I'm comfortable with the tool and sure that it is working for my clients' needs, I will buy a licence and be able to import memories, etc.

I have another question for you all: I don't know how, but my Edit menu no longer displays the SpellChecker function!!!! Have I eliminated it? How do I get it back?

To CafeTran.Training. Thank you for that very kind offer. I travel through Tilburg on a more or less frequent basis on my way to Deventer so I'd love to take you up on it!



Always looking forward to meet colleagues and help them with CafeTran!

Thanks :) Any Idea why the spell checker has disappeared from the Edit menu? And how do I disable resources?

Please make sure that Hunspell is selected in Edit > Preferences > General tab > Spell checker options.

Hi Igor, 

Thanks! It worked. And I also figured out how to close resources.

But... I seem now to have move the menu bar... do you know how I can put it back beside the Apple icon? So many options... I keep making mistakes. 


It's ok - I figured it out! 

thanks anyway guys! 

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