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REQ: Behavior when marking text to transfer it

One of my favorite features in CT is to mark text in any tab to transfer it to the source segment.

But there is one thing that I would like to have fixed:

Could the text selection in a TM tab somehow be limited to the results, so that no other elements (such as FRAGMENT and some more characters in the image below) are being transferred?


Similar case in the glossary tabs, when the target term consists of more than one word (assuming there is usually no need to transfer the source term).

So you are mousing around too?

Only if it cannot be avoided, or let's say when my neurons get a bit lazy...

One of my favorite features in CT

That's the whole point to provide power features, with some understanding though. However, this power (feature) gives you the responsibility to see what you are marking. Most applications do not provide that functionality just for this very reason - it grabs from the window whatever you select, and the users sooner or later will play with it in an unintended manner. In CT, you can also turn it off in Preferences. 

>That's the whole point to provide power features

Yes, but sometimes it is nice to finetune even these features (and indeed, it makes sense in some tabs, but not for the mentioned hints in the TM tab). The question is whether it makes sense to do this extra step to accomplish the feature above (I understand any refusal to do this).

On the other hand side the grabbing of source segments from the grid has also been improved in the last years (e.g. grabbing "This is an example" although only "his is an example" has - erroneously – been selected).


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