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REQ File selectors

Since this or the previous build, CafeTran opens the File selector differently (the rest of the GUI is hidden).

Would it be possible to open it centred on the screen, instead of in the left third?

Would require less mouse movements.

For me it remains in the center. Maybe you changed the position and need to change it again?

But hiding the GUI is somehow strange (I first noted this with the templates) and seems not to be compliant with any UI usances. I never saw this before with any program, at least not in the last 15 years. Maybe with Windows 3.1?

>But hiding the GUI is somehow strange

I don't like the extra screen flickering (that is: for me it looks like that).

I'll try if repositioning the File selector to the centre of the screen helps. That is: if macOS will remember it.

1. The position of the file chooser is determined by the operating system.

2. The way the file chooser appears might be decided by adding checkboxes in the Dashboard:

  • Hide UI and expose it (some users find it a bit strange).
  • Do not hide the UI (some users find it hard to accept when the file chooser's focus is lost by switching to another application and then returning to Java app).
  • Do not hide the UI and get automatic focus when switching back from another app. This is only possible with Java File Choosers (some users still prefer native operating system's File Chooser).
  • Please do not show these choices in the Dashboard. The default optimal solution is just fine.
This is the Java world and some compromises need to be accepted to make Java apps portable across operating systems. Adding the choices as above would turn CafeTran's interface into Jumbo Jet's cockpit, which hopefully majority of users and CT developer dread.

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