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REQ: Visibility of the recalling process

This is a thing I only noticed on Linux, but I found this pretty interesting: When recalling at the start of a project, there is first a progress bar at the bottom before the hint box "Loading segments" appears (not visible in Mac style).

Wouldn't it be possible to replace the Total Recall hint box "Loading segments" in its whole by the progress bar at the bottom (with a button to cancel the process, of course)?
  • the dialog box does not prevent you from doing something else on the program UI or from starting (though there is a logical fault in the order, i.e. joining-recalling-docking instead of joining-docking-recalling), this is somehow irritating and time-consuming for beginners
  • the progress bar is IMHO optically more pleasant than a dialog box
  • killer argument for Igor: a progress bar keeps the whole UI tidier and cleaner than a box popping up
  • BTW, concerning this hint box: there is no more information, and simply "Loading segments" as such is pretty unspecific. What exactly is loading – e.g. TR or TM? The text should be "Loading segments from Total recall" or maybe the box title could be modified

The idea is a nice but the problem with Mac OS look and feel is that it does not allow showing any texts in the progress bars.

That's really a pity. Any other solution than the boxes popping up would really be appreciated.


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