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Re-segmenting TMX when source and target have different segmenting

When you need to re-segment (paragraph-based > sentence-based) a TMX file and you've noticed that (some) source sentences correspond with more than two target sentences (or the other way around), you'll cannot do this re-segmenting on the fly (that is: during your current translation project).

Instead, you'll have to open the TMX file in TMX Edit Mode. Execute a Find and Replace action to mark sentence endings where necessary (see here).

Make sure that you use a unique number combination to mark the sentence endings, e.g. 000.

Run a QA for numbers. Remove the unique numbers that you've used to mark the sentence endings.

Open the TMX in Edit Mode:


Tag the sentence endings:


QA for numbers:


Keep the filtered result, remove the number tags via Find and Replace.

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Once you've removed the 000 from segments that shouldn't be split, exit the TMX edit mode and proceed as described before to split multi-sentence segments.
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