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Undo S&R

Today I made a mistake in S&R, that is, I replaced the searched term with nothing instead of the correct term. So I was left with a lot of blanks throughout my project. Is there a way to undo S&R?


Not to my knowledge...

A powerful undo function would indeed really be nice.



  • after doing S&R, the segments are not saved automatically to the TM (the frequency of auto-save can be set under Edit > Preferences > Workflow)
  • even in the worst case, but with a recent save status, the project can be closed and then be reopened. the changes should be undone then (or empty all / unchecked segments and do Translate > Insert exact matches)

I hope this is not too late.

Use your Time Machine back-up to restore the .xlf to a version before the S/R, and your ProjectTM to insert exact matches (see Torsten)? In that case, you wouldn't lose much if anything.


You can also use Dropbox, which syncs more often than Time Machine.

Thanks for all your answers. I do not have TM backups so often so this was not a solution. First thing I did was what Tre suggests, but it was too late (I have the frequency of auto-save set to 50 segments, so probably this happened right after segment 49). Actually, it wasn't a big deal, some 15 occurrences to find and correct, but as this was the second time this happened I would have liked to have an Undo function on this and was wondering if it existed.

@Hans L.: How do I use Dropbox for syncing?

@Hans L.: How do I use Dropbox for syncing?

You can place any resource into a Dropbox folder.



  • your connection should be fast enough
  • consider your NDA rules for specific clients
  • for stricter rules you might consider a cloud on your own server/webspace as OwnCloud
  • Dropbox has a faster connection than OwnCloud, I suppose they use a kind of compression technique, and/or because of the following bullet point
  • Dropbox uses a kind of bit-wise updates for text files (only the changed bytes of a file are uploaded, not the whole file)
  • if your connection is not fast enough, you should test the setting and eventually abstain from putting larger files with a high change frequency there, at least with OwnCloud

Thank you Hans!

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