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The ULTIMATE support for Studio packages

I just received a newsletter about some new version of a certain program called memoQ. I used to have negative feelings about Studio, but since I can handle all its projects in CafeTran, I'm ignoring the disturbing factor and spend my energy on more positive this. (It's always good to ignore negative factors in life ...)

Anyway, what I'd like to say here ... The first place of Most Irritating CAT Tools has now been taken by memoQ. Especially these bloody irritating server projects. Slow servers at the client's side make these projects a no go area for me. Even when this costs me a lot of money. My motto: better make less money and have less irritations than the opposite.

This memoQ now advertises that Tracked changes in Studio projects are supported. So, technically this is possible.

I'd like to request support for tracked changes in Studio projects for CafeTran too. And when at some time support for Multiterm termbases (reading of source and target entries only) has been added, CafeTran can be certified as the ULTIMATE tool for Studio packages.

Tracked changes would be a big one for those reviewing/proofreading jobs. I second (and third) that

Well, I assisted the webinar introducing the preview of memoQ Adriatic (who says „Erratic“ out there?) and was a bit deceived, as the new version does not show up many new features for freelancers (the Track changes are also present in earlier editions, only that there are more features now).

But there are some issues with Studio files and packages
  • no support if TBs (as Hans points out)
  • sometimes TMs are not imported (can be neglected IMHO, you always shoudl check twice)
  • not keeping the status allocated in CT (getting "unchecked" segments after reopening a project)
  • empty segments are imported as translated/confirmed into CT
  • no support of exporting bilingual word files from packages (instead or besides of HTML)
  • not to speak of reimporting such bilingual files
Points 3 and 4 are most annoying.
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