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Best Practices: Save resulting TM from Total Recall or not?

Just a question to our Power users about how to proceed:

Should a user save the resulting TM from recalling or not?


  • Faster when re-opening current projects (e.g. after a break or after doing one of these small little projects that make our clients happy)


  • Clustering the hard disk with tons of redundant data
  • Data are usually only used once, on project-basis, need eventually to be deleted -> more maintenance work

What do you think? What are your typical work processes with TR?

Not a TR user myself and I assume that our helpful, friendly and intelligent colleague from Yogyakarta will tune in here soon ...

Nevertheless, I'd already can respond to the disadvantages: I think that by placing these TMX files in specific folders and/or giving them specific names and/or making things more complex (my usual way to deal with everything simple) by using software like Hazel ( or perhaps even Keyboard Maestro (also known as the bull's red flag for helpful, friendly and intelligent colleague from Yogyakarta) can reduce maintenance to a minimum (which always has been and always will be my main goal). Peace with you!

The Kruikezeiker: Should a user save the resulting TM from recalling or not?

Recalling segments is pretty fast, so I only save TMs of larger (20k+words I guess) source documents.

Sultan Hengki XI

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