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2 very small UI glitches

  • CT does not remember the vertical alignment of glossaries in joined tabs (Linux only, on Mac it works like a charm)
  • when recalling a really huge Total Recall table, CT keeps recalling and docks some tabs to the segment editors only afterwards (no tested with all docking options, eventually Linux only) – shouldnÄt this be reversed? any joining process of the tabs happens before or while the recalling process. In other words: Wouldn't joining-docking-recalling be more logical than joining-recalling-docking?

The second point (joining-recalling-docking) also happens on Mac. A bit annoying for people working with Big Mama TR databases while working on bigger files (on small files this is neglectable). 

Just created a new Memory and imported the project segments. I quit CafeTran and opened the Memory in TextWrangler: it's empty. I'd advise to let CafeTran save the memory after import actions.

See here.


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