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UI glitch: Grid jumping down whe filtering

When searching a term in project target or project source, I can click on Filter and the segments get filtered with the number of translation untis showing up. This is grewat and very practical to get an idea how often a term is being used (e.g. to replace it). Also the highlighting is very fine.

But when the first segment is a bit larger (about 90 % of the grid window) and there are several segments to be filtered), the grid window jumps down and the header (with the number of the translation units is no more visible). The length is only an assumption, there can be also other reasons. But all other segments work fine.

Before filtering:


After filtering:


Precondition is that the search term not only appears in this segment (= there are several segments to be filtered). When looking for "erhalt des schreibens" the metioned behavior cannot be reproduced.

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